ARKOC VANA was founded in Konya by Seyit Mehmet ARIKOĞLU in 1991. Today, ARKOC VALVE, which is excited about being an international brand, continues its production with a total of 30,000 m2 working area, 15,000 m2 of which is closed, and its experienced staff. Our company, increasing its market share day by day, can easily meet the needs of public institutions and organizations, municipalities, and the entire private sector thanks to its wide product range. By closely following the casting technology and business development principles in the globalizing world market, we transform raw iron into superior quality valves with our production line and foundry equipped with the latest technological innovations.

It is our biggest advantage that all production stages are carried out inside our factory. In addition, our understanding of pre-sales and after-sales service is our most important policy in terms of customer satisfaction.

Our company, which grows day by day with the joint projects carried out by our R&D department together with TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB, continues its works with its doctoral-level engineer staff, 3D modeling devices (CAD-CAM), simulation and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) which allows us to get the closest results in the computer environment, and advance-level programs (e.g., SOLIDCAST, FLOWCAST) that ensure casting processes to be done healthier.

As ARKOC Company, we are honored to serve humanity by considering our social responsibilities as our duty and respecting the universe we live in.

o As a company, to carry out effective activities to increase customer satisfaction and performance results in order to maintain our leadership in the sector in which we operate and to achieve our goals,

o To provide creative products and services in the product and service portfolio by constantly following and researching technology and sectoral developments, paying attention to education, and adapting these innovations to our products and services in order to be successful in world quality standards,
o To ensure customer satisfaction by fully understanding the expectations and requests of our customers and applying the conditions specified in the valid standards and legislation and to provide after-sales support without interruption
o To be a pioneer in ensuring that the technology used in the product we offer is environmentally compatible; To comply with environmental legislation by supporting remedial activities that can protect the environment and nature,
o To encourage the professional training of our employees who produce our products and to comply with the applicable OHS legislation to ensure their safety,
o To see team spirit and teamwork as one of the basic elements of our company culture,
o To keep our product quality at the highest level depending on the working environment and to continuously improve and develop it in line with the interests of the country.
o To provide continuous improvement in energy use and consumption performance in our organization in the concept of ISO 50001 (EnYS),
o To comply with legal requirements and other obligations regarding energy,
o To consider the energy performance in all processes related to the design and modification of our products,
o To supply and use energy efficient products and services effectively
o To ensure that the awareness of our employees and society is increased about the efficient use of energy and natural resources in all processes related to our products.

Our vision is to be one of the companies that grow steadily with the participation of all our employees, have competitive power on a global scale, constantly benefit from science and technology, and lead the sector with a high-quality product and high-quality service concept.
Our mission is to provide products in accordance with international standards to the market by accessing information, producing information, and transforming information into life by professional employees who have a production approach that respects human values and the environment in a research, inquiry, analytical thinking structure in order to ensure continuity in customer satisfaction and trust.