The competitive environment in the sector in which our company operates requires the existence of effective processes that are adapted to our company's goals and consistently provide anticipated customer satisfaction and performance results.


We constantly keep the quality of our products at the highest level by constantly following technology, researching sectoral developments and improvements, giving importance to education, and carrying out R&D activities.


We put in maximum effort to fully understand our customers' expectations and demands, to ensure customer satisfaction, and to provide after-sales support without interruption in accordance with the conditions specified in the applicable standards and legislation.


Today, ARKOÇ VANA, which is excited about being an international brand, continues its production with a total of 30,000 m2 working area, 15,000 m2 of which is closed area, and its experienced staff. Our company, which increases its market share day by day, can easily meet the needs of public institutions and organizations, municipalities, and the entire private sector with its wide product range. By closely following the casting technology and business development principles in the globalizing world market, we transform raw iron into superior quality valves with our production line and foundry equipped with the latest technological innovations.


Arkoç Valve

Ergonomic Design

The priority in Arkoc Valve products is innovativeness and ergonomic design.

Environmentally Friendly Production

Arkoc Valve respects nature in all production processes from A to Z.


We have adopted the principle of providing cost-effective service.

Product Groups

We are manufacturing more than 1,000 product types in 50 different categories with high quality accepted at international standards...

Gate Valves

The opening and closing process of the valve is performed by moving up and down the shaft mounted on the cover and the flywheel thanks to the rubber-coated vulcanized disc.

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves consist of the body, the disc integrated with shafts on the body, and the compact gearbox designed in accordance with the opening and closing torque capacities.

Air Release Valves

Thanks to the floats inside, new generation Arkoc Dynamic Air Release Valves ensure the safety of the line by preventing the reaction force that the air, compressed depending on the speed of the water, can create at the starting point.

Ark 999 Needle (Plunger) Valves

Specifically, they have been designed as a pressure and flow regulator. Thanks to their aerodynamic internal structure, they minimize the maximum cavitation effects of high-pressure fluid by directing it to the middle of the pipeline.

Ark 973-Y Type Control Valves

ARK-973 Series Hydraulic Control Valves are designed as "y" type to create a minimum pressure loss effect at maximum flow. ARK-973 Series Control Valves have diaphragm actuated disk closure and double control chamber.

Ark 968-F Type Control Valves

ARKOÇ ARK 968 Series manual on-off control valves are hydraulic control valves that provide opening-closing operation with a 4-way 3-action valve that opens with line pressure. The minimum opening pressure of these valves is 0.5 bar.

Check Valves

These are valves used to prevent the return of the fluid, especially in pumping facilities, in case the pump fails or due to changes in the characteristics of the fluid for any reason.

Irrigation and Fire Hydrants

In addition to A, D and H type irrigation hydrants used in the irrigation of agricultural lands, we also produce Fire Hydrants with various sizes and outlets.

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Quality & Reliability

Arkoç offers more than 1000 product types in 50 different categories with high quality accepted at international standards.
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Arkoç Valve

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Arkoç Valve

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